Thursday, October 20, 2011

100th DXCC Entity for 10 meter SSB DX

Hi all..
Feeling good now as I've got 100 DXCC on 10 meter band (28.000 MHz - 29.700 MHz)..
This is really means to me as I've only have a simple setup..
Thanks to EA6AAE for realising my dreams.. (he will get my special gift)..

josep (joe) Arbona
Montesion 2 Bajos
Pollensa / Cp. 07460
Balearic Islands

My Shack for 10 meter band :-

Radio : Yaesu FT-100 (upgrade to FT-100D component)
Tuner : LDG AT-200Pro (HF + 6m)
Antenna : 3 Element Yagi Full Wave with GAMMA Match
Cable : HANSEN RG-58 (I need to change it to RG-8 or LMR 400)

My QSO Map by HRDLOG :

Here is the Tony 10 meter band report (Thanks Tony for displaying my report) :
The link :-

From Muhammad Arman, 9W2CEH comes yet another 100 DXCC on 10m.

Wednesday worked DU3/W5LFA 5/8, 3A2MD 5/9, F4EQA 5/8, HA3UU 5/9, VK9CX 5/9, EC6AAE 5/9. calls_heard: AP2IA 5/5. IZ1PNT 5/9 and IC8AJU 5/8.

“Just get my 100th DXCC on 10m SSB. Thanks to EC6AAE to be my 100th.. :)

I'm licensed since Jun 2010 and start my DX'ing on 10m SSB on 12 November 2010. Complete my 100 DXCC on 10m SSB at 19 October 2011. Feeling good now.”

That is a remarkable effort especially when you think how the bands have been.

Who is Tony?

image: amateur radio 10-metre band report

Image: Tony Dixon G4CJC
Tony Dixon G4CJC
He is Tony Dixon (G4CJC) and he like to report for all 10 meter band DX activity..
He started the 10m report since January 7 2010 and will produce the report weekly.. Available on each Thursday 00:00 UTC.
Bravo Tony.. keep it up..
Do you have your own report on the 10 meter band?
send the report to Tony ->

Monday, October 17, 2011

10m DX'ing.. 10m - 12m Band were back in GOOD Conditions

10-12m were back in a GOOD conditions..
hope I can make a contact to complete my 100 DXCC.. 5 more DXCC to go as I've 95 DXCC right now..
with 43 LoTW confirm and 4 QSL Card confirm..

The hunting will continue....