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Getting Started on 2-Meter SSB

Try the "Other Mode" on 2 Meters

Bob Witte, KØNR
4 May 2003

2m SSB Frequency Range : 144.100 MHz to 144.275 MHz (USB)
2m SSB Calling Frequency : 144.200 MHz

In the past few years, a new breed of amateur radio transceiver has hit the marketplace --- radios that cover from HF through VHF/UHF frequencies. These radios include the ICOM IC-706, the ICOM IC-746, the Yaesu FT-100 and the Yaesu FT-847. This is not an exhaustive list since there are new radios being introduced every year with additional capability.

These radios include "all-mode capability" which means that they can operate FM, CW and SSB on the VHF bands. Clearly, FM is the most commonly used mode on VHF and UHF but having SSB opens up a whole new range of operating fun.

Why SSB?
FM is the most popular mode primarily due to the wide availability of FM repeaters. These repeaters extend the operating range on VHF and enable low power handheld transceivers to communicate over 100 miles. FM is also used on simplex to make contacts directly without repeaters. The main disadvantage of FM is relatively poor performance when signals are weak, which is where SSB really shines. A weak FM signal can disappear completely into the noise while a comparable SSB signal is still quite readable. How big of a difference does this really make? Perhaps 10 dB or more, which corresponds to one or two S-units. Put a different way, using SSB instead of FM can be equivalent to having a beam antenna with 10 dB of gain, just by changing modulation types. So this is a big deal and radio amateurs interested in serious VHF work have naturally chosen SSB as the preferred voice mode. (You will also hear them using Morse code or CW transmissions, which is even more efficient that SSB.)

Just as an example of what is possible on SSB, during one VHF contest I was operating portable on Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs. I had just dismantled my 2M yagi antenna and was listening to 2M SSB on a short mobile whip antenna. Suddenly, I heard WA7KYM in Cheyenne, Wyoming calling CQ from about 160 miles away. I figured that with my puny little antenna and only 10 watts of power, there was no way he was going to hear me. But, what they heck, it was a contest and it would be more points so I gave him a call. To my surprise, WA7KYM heard me and we made the contact without much signal strength to spare. Now, to be accurate, this contact has more to do with WA7KYM's "big gun" station (linear amplifier, low noise preamp and large antenna array) than it had to do with my 10 watts and a small whip. The key point here is that this contact would not have happened using FM and was only possible because of SSB.

When and Where to Operate
The SSB portion of the band runs from 144.100 MHz to 144.275 MHz and Upper Sideband (USB) is used. The 2M SSB calling frequency is 144.200 MHz, so that is the first place to look for activity or to call CQ. One of the realities of 2M SSB operation is that many times, no one is on the air. There is just not that much activity out there, compared to 2M FM. Some amateurs get discouraged, turn off the radio and and miss the thrill of working distant stations during a band opening. To get started on 2M SSB, the trick is to get on the air at times when you know there will be activity--- during VHF nets and VHF contests.

Here in Colorado, the local Rocky Mountain VHF Plus net is on Monday night at 8:00 PM local time on 144.220 MHz (USB). This net is centered in the Denver area but VHF enthusiasts check in from all around Colorado. It is very common to have stations check in from the bordering states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico or even Oklahoma. More information on the net and other VHF activities can be found at

There is also a 2M SSB net associated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) which meets at 7:00 PM local time on 144.220 MHz (USB). For more information, see

VHF Contests
Think of VHF contests as "VHF activity weekend" since they are a great opportunity to just get on the air and work most of the local 2M SSB enthusiasts. The main contests are the ARRL June VHF QSO Party, the ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes, the ARRL September VHF QSO Party and the CQ Worldwide VHF Contest in July. For more information, take a look at the article How to Work a VHF Contest at

The required equipment for getting started on 2M SSB is pretty basic - a transceiver capable of 2M SSB and a 2M antenna. If you own one of the rigs mentioned above then you are probably ready to go. The 2M antenna you already have is probably vertically polarized since that is what we use for 2M FM, both mobile and base stations. All of the 1/4-wave and 5/8-wave antennas that are commonly used for 2M mobile work are vertically polarized. Most omni-directional base station antennas such as those made by Cushcraft, Diamond, Comet, etc. are vertical, too. These antennas will work for SSB but most of the really active 2M SSB stations use horizontally-polarized antennas. Vertically-polarized stations can work horizontally-polarized stations but there will be a substantial signal loss (about 20dB?). If vertical is all you have, then give it a try. If you can get a horizontal antenna, then your results will be much better.

The most common horizontally-polarized antenna on 2M is a Yagi mounted so that its elements are parallel to the ground. There are a variety of horizontally-polarized, omni-directional mobile antennas, such as the HO antenna made by M2 (see

Get on the Air
This information is intended to get your started on your way to operating 2M on the SSB portion of the band. You will learn more as you get into it and you will find that most of the people hanging out down on sideband are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They are always happy to see new call signs on 2M sideband.

Some resources available on the web are:

Rocky Mountain VHF Plus web page:

VHF Operating articles by KØNR(similar to this one) at:

North East Weak Signal Group web site at:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SKMM - RAE 2010-3 Result

Check the link ->

From SKMM website ->

Good luck to all SWL.. Hope that can heard new callsign by next years..

Please check the existing callsign HERE before deciding to submit your new callsign (AA) application forms.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Want to calculate where to beam your antenna?

Use this link to get your grid square : - DX FunCluster

After you get your grid square, use the form below to generate the bearing and also the distance..

Please type your gridlocator then click the Calculate button:


Antenna headings/distances from grid OJ02vw to others

Calculating distances and antenna headings from grid: OJ02vw
prefix entitycontinentazimuthdistance
1ASov Mil Order of MaltaEU312°/132°9737km / 30293km
1SSpratly Is.AS60°/240°1576km / 38454km
3AMonacoEU314°/134°10134km / 29896km
3B6Agalega & St. BrandonAF253°/73°5211km / 34819km
3B8MauritiusAF240°/60°5479km / 34551km
3B9Rodriguez I.AF237°/57°4888km / 35142km
3CEquatorial GuineaAF272°/92°10160km / 29870km
3C0Pagalu I.AF269°/89°10701km / 29329km
3D2FijiOC109°/289°8644km / 31386km
3D2/CConway ReefOC114°/294°8409km / 31621km
3D2/RRotumaOC104°/284°8486km / 31544km
3DASwazilandAF241°/61°8215km / 31815km
3VTunisiaAF305°/125°10042km / 29988km
3WVietnamAS25°/205°1579km / 38451km
3XRepublic of GuineaAF283°/103°12387km / 27643km
3Y/BBouvetAF215°/35°10817km / 29213km
3Y/PPeter I I.SA175°/355°12636km / 27394km
4JAzerbaijanAS315°/135°6851km / 33179km
4LGeorgiaAS316°/136°7099km / 32931km
4OMontenegroEU312°/132°9173km / 30857km
4SSri LankaAS283°/103°2391km / 37639km
4U1IITU HQ GenevaEU316°/136°10213km / 29817km
4U1UUnited Nations HQ NYNA355°/175°15138km / 24892km
4U1VVienna Intl CtrEU318°/138°9430km / 30600km
4WTimor-LesteOC116°/296°2989km / 37041km
4XIsraelAS303°/123°7659km / 32371km
5ALibyaAF297°/117°9383km / 30647km
5BCyprusAS306°/126°7896km / 32134km
5HTanzaniaAF263°/83°7599km / 32431km
5NNigeriaAF280°/100°10415km / 29615km
5RMadagascarAF246°/66°6508km / 33522km
5TMauritaniaAF293°/113°12195km / 27835km
5UNigerAF288°/108°10159km / 29871km
5VTogoAF279°/99°11114km / 28916km
5WWestern SamoaOC104°/284°9710km / 30320km
5XUgandaAF271°/91°7687km / 32343km
5ZKenyaAF269°/89°7079km / 32951km
6WSenegalAF288°/108°12737km / 27293km
6YJamaicaNA358°/178°17663km / 22367km
7OYemenAS287°/107°6038km / 33992km
7PLesothoAF239°/59°8617km / 31413km
7QMalawiAF254°/74°7703km / 32327km
7XAlgeriaAF299°/119°10812km / 29218km
8PBarbadosNA311°/131°17283km / 22747km
8QMaldive Is.AS273°/93°3148km / 36882km
8RGuyanaSA296°/116°17706km / 22324km
9ACroatiaEU315°/135°9501km / 30529km
9GGhanaAF279°/99°11433km / 28597km
9HMaltaEU306°/126°9579km / 30451km
9JZambiaAF255°/75°8483km / 31547km
9KKuwaitAS303°/123°6437km / 33593km
9LSierra LeoneAF281°/101°12703km / 27327km
9M2West MalaysiaAS23°/203°123km / 39907km
9M6East MalaysiaOC91°/271°1281km / 38749km
9NNepalAS329°/149°3261km / 36769km
9QRep. of CongoAF266°/86°8780km / 31250km
9UBurundiAF266°/86°8032km / 31998km
9VSingaporeAS128°/308°281km / 39749km
9XRwandaAF267°/87°8017km / 32013km
9YTrinidad & TobagoSA309°/129°17627km / 22403km
A2BotswanaAF247°/67°8876km / 31154km
A3TongaOC112°/292°9410km / 30620km
A4OmanAS300°/120°5181km / 34849km
A5BhutanAS337°/157°2987km / 37043km
A6United Arab EmiratesAS299°/119°5634km / 34396km
A7QatarAS300°/120°5952km / 34078km
A9BahrainAS300°/120°6034km / 33996km
APPakistanAS315°/135°4500km / 35530km
BS7Scarborough ReefOC51°/231°2207km / 37823km
BVTaiwanAS40°/220°3090km / 36940km
BV9PPratas I.AS38°/218°2551km / 37479km
BYChinaAS0°/180°3676km / 36354km
C2NauruOC92°/272°7249km / 32781km
C3AndorraEU313°/133°10615km / 29415km
C5The GambiaAF287°/107°12958km / 27072km
C6BahamasNA356°/176°16983km / 23047km
C9MozambiqueAF249°/69°7677km / 32353km
CEChileSA193°/13°16912km / 23118km
CE0XSan Felix I.SA176°/356°17412km / 22618km
CE0YEaster I.SA132°/312°15749km / 24281km
CE0ZJuan Fernandez Is.SA179°/359°16605km / 23425km
CE9AntarcticaSA180°/360°10334km / 29696km
CMCubaNA4°/184°17291km / 22739km
CNMoroccoAF304°/124°11405km / 28625km
CPBoliviaSA222°/42°17888km / 22142km
CTPortugalEU312°/132°11475km / 28555km
CT3Madeira Is.AF307°/127°12465km / 27565km
CUAzoresEU317°/137°13043km / 26987km
CXUruguaySA212°/32°15951km / 24079km
CY0Sable I.NA343°/163°14493km / 25537km
CY9St. Paul I.NA344°/164°14183km / 25847km
D2AngolaAF257°/77°9351km / 30679km
D4Cape VerdeAF291°/111°13697km / 26333km
D6ComorosAF255°/75°6665km / 33365km
DLFed. Rep. of GermanyEU321°/141°9879km / 30151km
DUPhilippinesOC62°/242°2488km / 37542km
E3EritreaAF285°/105°7003km / 33027km
E4PalestineAS302°/122°7709km / 32321km
E5/NNorth Cook Is.OC100°/280°10844km / 29186km
E5/SSouth Cook Is.OC112°/292°11189km / 28841km
E7Bosnia-HerzegovinaEU314°/134°9320km / 30710km
EASpainEU312°/132°11194km / 28836km
EA6Balearic Is.EU310°/130°10554km / 29476km
EA8Canary Is.AF302°/122°12480km / 27550km
EA9Ceuta and MelillaAF308°/128°11338km / 28692km
EIIrelandEU325°/145°11045km / 28985km
EKArmeniaAS314°/134°7043km / 32987km
ELLiberiaAF278°/98°12316km / 27714km
EPIranAS308°/128°6026km / 34004km
ERMoldovaEU318°/138°8470km / 31560km
ESEstoniaEU329°/149°8974km / 31056km
ETEthiopiaAF279°/99°6969km / 33061km
EUBelarusEU325°/145°8690km / 31340km
EXKyrgyzstanAS331°/151°5116km / 34914km
EYTajikistanAS326°/146°5049km / 34981km
EZTurkmenistanAS317°/137°5911km / 34119km
FFranceEU317°/137°10525km / 29505km
FGGuadeloupeNA320°/140°17222km / 22808km
FHMayotteAF253°/73°6494km / 33536km
FJSt. BarthelemyNA325°/145°17150km / 22880km
FKNew CaledoniaOC115°/295°7436km / 32594km
FK/CChesterfield Is.OC115°/295°6667km / 33363km
FMMartiniqueNA316°/136°17290km / 22740km
FOFrench PolynesiaOC108°/288°12099km / 27931km
FO/AAustral Is.OC114°/294°12047km / 27983km
FO/CClipperton I.NA66°/246°16280km / 23750km
FO/MMarquesas Is.OC99°/279°13148km / 26882km
FPSt. Pierre & MiquelonNA341°/161°14082km / 25948km
FRReunionAF240°/60°5706km / 34324km
FR/GGloriosoAF254°/74°6238km / 33792km
FR/JJuan de Nova & EuropaAF249°/69°6849km / 33181km
FR/TTromelinAF247°/67°5604km / 34426km
FSFrench St. MartinNA325°/145°17147km / 22883km
FT5WCrozetAF215°/35°7351km / 32679km
FT5XKerguelenAF204°/24°6570km / 33460km
FT5ZAmsterdam & St. PaulAF207°/27°5178km / 34852km
FWWallis & Futuna Is.OC104°/284°9220km / 30810km
FYFrench GuianaSA285°/105°17110km / 22920km
GEnglandEU324°/144°10632km / 29398km
GDIsle of ManEU326°/146°10791km / 29239km
GINorthern IrelandEU326°/146°10908km / 29122km
GJJerseyEU320°/140°10765km / 29265km
GMScotlandEU328°/148°10694km / 29336km
GM/SShetlandsEU331°/151°10444km / 29586km
GUGuernseyEU321°/141°10788km / 29242km
GWWalesEU324°/144°10793km / 29237km
H4Solomon Is.OC102°/282°6586km / 33444km
H40Temotu Prov.OC103°/283°7243km / 32787km
HAHungaryEU317°/137°9202km / 30828km
HBSwitzerlandEU317°/137°10048km / 29982km
HB0LiechtensteinEU317°/137°9936km / 30094km
HCEcuadorSA7°/187°19843km / 20187km
HC8Galapagos Is.SA81°/261°18570km / 21460km
HHHaitiNA345°/165°17486km / 22544km
HIDominican RepublicNA342°/162°17427km / 22603km
HKColombiaSA332°/152°19016km / 21014km
HK0/ASan Andres/ProvidenciaNA13°/193°18250km / 21780km
HK0/MMalpelo I.SA26°/206°19159km / 20871km
HLSouth KoreaAS33°/213°4569km / 35461km
HMNorth KoreaAS28°/208°4783km / 35247km
HPPanamaNA8°/188°18673km / 21357km
HRHondurasNA26°/206°17798km / 22232km
HSThailandAS348°/168°1099km / 38931km
HVVaticanEU312°/132°9733km / 30297km
HZSaudi ArabiaAS296°/116°6640km / 33390km
IEuropean ItalyEU313°/133°9721km / 30309km
IG9African ItalyAF306°/126°9738km / 30292km
ISSardiniaEU310°/130°10011km / 30019km
IT9SicilyEU307°/127°9614km / 30416km
J2DjiboutiAF282°/102°6616km / 33414km
J3GrenadaNA313°/133°17537km / 22493km
J5Guinea-BissauAF285°/105°12815km / 27215km
J6St. LuciaNA315°/135°17352km / 22678km
J7DominicaNA318°/138°17256km / 22774km
J8St. VincentNA314°/134°17416km / 22614km
JAJapanAS41°/221°5280km / 34750km
JD/MMinami TorishimaOC62°/242°6071km / 33959km
JD/OOgasawaraAS54°/234°5062km / 34968km
JTMongoliaAS0°/180°4874km / 35156km
JWSvalbardEU348°/168°9591km / 30439km
JW/BBear I.EU345°/165°9476km / 30554km
JXJan MayenEU342°/162°10408km / 29622km
JYJordanAS303°/123°7506km / 32524km
KUnited StatesNA13°/193°15342km / 24688km
KG4Guantanamo BayNA352°/172°17441km / 22589km
KH0Mariana Is.OC71°/251°4999km / 35031km
KH1Baker & Howland Is.OC90°/270°9142km / 30888km
KH2GuamOC74°/254°4854km / 35176km
KH3Johnston I.OC73°/253°9773km / 30257km
KH4Midway I.OC62°/242°8956km / 31074km
KH5Palmyra & Jarvis Is.OC84°/264°10652km / 29378km
KH5KKingman ReefOC83°/263°10612km / 29418km
KH6HawaiiOC69°/249°11216km / 28814km
KH7KKure I.OC61°/241°8897km / 31133km
KH8American SamoaOC104°/284°9812km / 30218km
KH8/SSwains IslandOC101°/281°9739km / 30291km
KH9Wake I.OC70°/250°7262km / 32768km
KLAlaskaNA25°/205°10413km / 29617km
KP1Navassa I.NA352°/172°17617km / 22413km
KP2US Virgin Is.NA328°/148°17287km / 22743km
KP4Puerto RicoNA332°/152°17342km / 22688km
KP5Desecheo I.NA335°/155°17418km / 22612km
LANorwayEU331°/151°9872km / 30158km
LUArgentinaSA198°/18°16251km / 23779km
LXLuxembourgEU320°/140°10170km / 29860km
LYLithuaniaEU326°/146°8994km / 31036km
LZBulgariaEU313°/133°8704km / 31326km
OAPeruSA197°/17°19193km / 20837km
ODLebanonAS305°/125°7617km / 32413km
OEAustriaEU317°/137°9652km / 30378km
OHFinlandEU334°/154°8969km / 31061km
OH0Aland Is.EU330°/150°9250km / 30780km
OJ0Market ReefEU330°/150°9324km / 30706km
OKCzech RepublicEU320°/140°9457km / 30573km
OMSlovakiaEU319°/139°9163km / 30867km
ONBelgiumEU321°/141°10242km / 29788km
OXGreenlandNA351°/171°11129km / 28901km
OYFaroe Is.EU334°/154°10677km / 29353km
OZDenmarkEU326°/146°9848km / 30182km
P2Papua New GuineaOC106°/286°5208km / 34822km
P4ArubaSA332°/152°18070km / 21960km
PANetherlandsEU323°/143°10178km / 29852km
PJ2CuracaoSA329°/149°18051km / 21979km
PJ4BonaireSA327°/147°18004km / 22026km
PJ5Saba & St. EustatiusNA325°/145°17196km / 22834km
PJ7Sint MaartenNA325°/145°17150km / 22880km
PYBrazilSA253°/73°17123km / 22907km
PY0FFernando de NoronhaSA267°/87°14933km / 25097km
PY0SSt. Peter & St. PaulSA273°/93°14536km / 25494km
PY0TTrindade & Martim VazSA246°/66°14375km / 25655km
PZSurinameSA287°/107°17429km / 22601km
R1FJFranz Josef LandEU353°/173°9046km / 30984km
R1MVMalyj Vysotskij I.EU331°/151°8804km / 31226km
S0Western SaharaAF298°/118°12427km / 27603km
S2BangladeshAS332°/152°2692km / 37338km
S5SloveniaEU316°/136°9602km / 30428km
S7SeychellesAF261°/81°5215km / 34815km
S9Sao Tome & PrincipeAF270°/90°10586km / 29444km
SMSwedenEU331°/151°9573km / 30457km
SPPolandEU322°/142°9282km / 30748km
STSudanAF284°/104°8115km / 31915km
SUEgyptAF297°/117°8189km / 31841km
SVGreeceEU310°/130°8946km / 31084km
SV5DodecaneseEU307°/127°8369km / 31661km
SV9CreteEU305°/125°8641km / 31389km
SV/AMount AthosEU310°/130°8759km / 31271km
T2TuvaluOC99°/279°8674km / 31356km
T30Western KiribatiOC90°/270°7913km / 32117km
T31Central KiribatiOC93°/273°9634km / 30396km
T32Eastern KiribatiOC88°/268°11202km / 28828km
T33BanabaOC92°/272°7541km / 32489km
T5SomaliaAF270°/90°6270km / 33760km
T7San MarinoEU314°/134°9728km / 30302km
T8PalauOC81°/261°3659km / 36371km
TATurkeyAS311°/131°7760km / 32270km
TA1Turkey (Europe)EU312°/132°8357km / 31673km
TFIcelandEU338°/158°11093km / 28937km
TGGuatemalaNA33°/213°17571km / 22459km
TICosta RicaNA24°/204°18440km / 21590km
TI9Cocos I.NA46°/226°18655km / 21375km
TJCameroonAF275°/95°9968km / 30062km
TKCorsicaEU312°/132°10019km / 30011km
TLCentral African RepAF276°/96°9027km / 31003km
TNCongoAF269°/89°9616km / 30414km
TRGabonAF270°/90°10016km / 30014km
TTChadAF286°/106°9237km / 30793km
TUIvory CoastAF279°/99°11898km / 28132km
TYBeninAF280°/100°10995km / 29035km
TZMaliAF289°/109°11420km / 28610km
UAEuropean RussiaEU328°/148°8197km / 31833km
UA2KaliningradskEU325°/145°9113km / 30917km
UA9Asiatic RussiaAS1°/181°7145km / 32885km
UKUzbekistanAS324°/144°5701km / 34329km
UNKazakhstanAS331°/151°6122km / 33908km
URUkraineEU321°/141°8464km / 31566km
V2Antigua & BarbudaNA322°/142°17153km / 22877km
V3BelizeNA27°/207°17521km / 22509km
V4St. Kitts & NevisNA324°/144°17193km / 22837km
V5NamibiaAF248°/68°9594km / 30436km
V6MicronesiaOC84°/264°6261km / 33769km
V7Marshall Is.OC81°/261°7271km / 32759km
V8BruneiOC83°/263°1432km / 38598km
VECanadaNA1°/181°14757km / 25273km
VKAustraliaOC134°/314°4438km / 35592km
VK0HHeard I.AF199°/19°6765km / 33265km
VK0MMacquarie I.OC150°/330°8249km / 31781km
VK9CCocos-KeelingOC198°/18°1765km / 38265km
VK9LLord Howe I.OC127°/307°7154km / 32876km
VK9MMellish ReefOC113°/293°6343km / 33687km
VK9NNorfolk I.OC122°/302°7876km / 32154km
VK9WWillis I.OC114°/294°5710km / 34320km
VK9XChristmas I.OC164°/344°1551km / 38479km
VP2EAnguillaNA325°/145°17132km / 22898km
VP2MMontserratNA322°/142°17206km / 22824km
VP2VBritish Virgin Is.NA329°/149°17229km / 22801km
VP5Turks & CaicosNA346°/166°17179km / 22851km
VP6Pitcairn I.OC119°/299°14144km / 25886km
VP6/DDucie I.OC120°/300°14473km / 25557km
VP8Falkland Is.SA195°/15°14305km / 25725km
VP8/GSouth GeorgiaSA206°/26°13188km / 26842km
VP8/HSouth ShetlandSA190°/10°13241km / 26789km
VP8/OSouth OrkneySA197°/17°13034km / 26996km
VP8/SSouth SandwichSA206°/26°12398km / 27632km
VP9BermudaNA341°/161°15845km / 24185km
VQ9Chagos Is.AF251°/71°3453km / 36577km
VRHong KongAS31°/211°2532km / 37498km
VUIndiaAS312°/132°3398km / 36632km
VU4Andaman & NicobarAS317°/137°1444km / 38586km
VU7Laccadive Is.AS288°/108°3328km / 36702km
XEMexicoNA39°/219°16066km / 23964km
XF4Revilla GigedoNA55°/235°15694km / 24336km
XTBurkina FasoAF283°/103°11435km / 28595km
XUKampucheaAS18°/198°1170km / 38860km
XWLaosAS10°/190°1724km / 38306km
XX9MacauAS30°/210°2477km / 37553km
XZMyanmarAS343°/163°1986km / 38044km
YAAfghanistanAS318°/138°5125km / 34905km
YBIndonesiaOC142°/322°1450km / 38580km
YIIraqAS307°/127°6996km / 33034km
YJVanuatuOC110°/290°7644km / 32386km
YKSyriaAS307°/127°7442km / 32588km
YLLatviaEU327°/147°8958km / 31072km
YNNicaraguaNA23°/203°18101km / 21929km
YORomaniaEU316°/136°8775km / 31255km
YSEl SalvadorNA32°/212°17787km / 22243km
YUSerbiaEU314°/134°9045km / 30985km
YU8KosovaEU313°/133°9020km / 31010km
YVVenezuelaSA312°/132°18195km / 21835km
YV0Aves I.NA323°/143°17395km / 22635km
Z2ZimbabweAF250°/70°8089km / 31941km
Z3MacedoniaEU312°/132°8972km / 31058km
ZAAlbaniaEU311°/131°9105km / 30925km
ZBGibraltarEU308°/128°11341km / 28689km
ZC4UK Bases on CyprusAS307°/127°7852km / 32178km
ZD7St. HelenaAF254°/74°11969km / 28061km
ZD8Ascension I.AF263°/83°12933km / 27097km
ZD9Tristan da CunhaAF231°/51°12326km / 27704km
ZFCayman Is.NA7°/187°17518km / 22512km
ZK2NiueOC109°/289°9942km / 30088km
ZK3Tokelau Is.OC100°/280°9733km / 30297km
ZLNew ZealandOC134°/314°8710km / 31320km
ZL7Chatham Is.OC134°/314°9573km / 30457km
ZL8Kermadec Is.OC120°/300°9229km / 30801km
ZL9Auckland & CampbellOC144°/324°8500km / 31530km
ZPParaguaySA220°/40°16699km / 23331km
ZSSouth AfricaAF240°/60°9118km / 30912km
ZS8Marion I.AF220°/40°8325km / 31705km

Monday, November 15, 2010

WARC bands

The WARC bands are three portions of the shortwave radio spectrum used by licensed amateur radio operators. They consist of 30 meters (10.100–10.150 MHz), 17 meters (18.068–18.168 MHz) and 12 meters (24.890–24.990 MHz). They were named after the World Administrative Radio Conference, which in 1979 created a worldwide allocation of these bands for amateur use. The bands were opened for use in the early 1980s. Due to their relatively small bandwidth of 100 kHz or less, there is a sort of gentlemen's agreement that the WARC bands may not be used for general contesting.

Throughout most of the world, the 30 meter band cannot be used for phone communications except in emergency situations. However, part of Region 1 (Africa, south of the equator, during daylight hours) is permitted to use phone. The USA limits amateur radio users to 200 watts peak envelope power on this band.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The ARRL and many other national entities recommend the NATO phonetics for Amateur Radio use as most Hams around the world recognize them. This alphabet dates from about 1955 and is approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the FAA and the International Telecommunication Union, and many National Amateur Leagues/Societies/Orgs. Note that different bodies prefer different spellings, so one also sees: Alfa Juliet Juliette Oskar Viktor]. As a matter of reference -- see URL:
NATO phonetic alphabet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The NATO phonetic alphabet was developed in the 1950s to be intelligible (and pronounceable) to all NATO allies. It replaced other phonetic alphabets, for example the US military Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet ("able baker") and several versions of RAF phonetic alphabets. It is sometimes inappropriately referred to as International Phonetic Alphabet, which is actually the official name of an alphabet used in linguistics created in the late nineteenth century.

The NATO phonetic alphabet is now widely used in business and telecommunications in Europe and North America, and has been approved by ICAO for use in international civil aviation. It has been adopted by the ITU, (many radio operators will refer to the NATO phonetics as ITU phonetics). Although it consists of English words, its letter codewords can easily be recognized by speakers of languages other than English.

The NATO phonetic alphabet is generally understood by Amateurs in all countries. Used when giving your callsign or passing information that must be spelled out for clarity. For example, AC6V should sign ALPHA CHARLIE SIX VICTOR

A - Alfa
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
E - Echo
F - Foxtrot
G - Golf
H - Hotel
I - India
J - Juliet
K - Kilo
L - Lima
M - Mike

N - November

O - Oscar
P - Papa
Q - Quebec
R - Romeo
S - Sierra
T - Tango
U - Uniform
V - Victor
W - Whiskey
X - X-Ray
Y - Yankee
Z - Zulu

These Are Unofficial Phonetics Used By Many DXers

  • A......AMERICA, Amsterdam
  • B......BOSTON, Baltimore, Brazil
  • C......CANADA, Columbia, Chile
  • D......DENMARK
  • E......ENGLAND, Egypt
  • F......FRANCE, Finland
  • G.....GERMANY, Guatemala, Geneva, Greece
  • H.....HONOLULU, Hawaii
  • I.......ITALY
  • J......JAPAN
  • K......KILOWATT, Kentucky, King
  • L......LONDON, Lima, Luxembourg
  • M......MEXICO, Montreal
  • N......NORWAY, Nicaragua
  • O......ONTARIO, Ocean,
  • P......PORTUGAL, Pacific
  • Q......QUEBEC, Queen
  • R......RADIO, Romania, Russia
  • S......SANTIAGO, Spain, Sweden
  • T......TOKYO, Texas
  • V...... VICTORIA, Venezuela
  • X......X-RAY
  • Y......YOKOHAMA
  • Z...... ZANZIBAR, Zulu

Compiled By AC6V (After listening to DXers for 25 years)


Funny Phonetics which are memorable and easy to recall - like Karl # Always Killing Time. W # Empty Alcohol Jugs. Wrong phonetics but very very common on VHF repeaters and HF Contests. Kilowatt # Blue Oyster.
W # Big Kilowatt !!!

WWII Phonetics: Some old timers insist on the WWII phonetics: Able Baker Charlie Dog Easy Fox George How Item Jig King Love Mike Nan Oboe Peter Queen Roger Sugar Tare Uncle Victor William X-ray Yoke Zebra. And these guys are always tuning after a CQ Call !!

Civil Entity Phonetics. Some hams use the police/fire phonetics but many don't use or understand these: Adam Boy Charlie David Edward Frank George Henry Ida John King Lincoln Mary Nora Ocean Peter Queen Robert Sam Tom Union Victor William X-ray Young Zebra
And a lot of other Boy/Girl names depending on locale

Make Em Up Phonetics: Then we have Hams who don't know any of these and you might hear
Name is Tim - Texaco Indigo Macy's Actually heard this one!

Taken from AC6V's Guide To Ham Radio DX Phonetics