Saturday, August 28, 2010

APRS.. Let's play...

This is my setup for couple of days...

Device / Software :-

Yaesu VX-8DR - MH-74A7A - FGPS-2
Xastir For Linux (
Open APRS (

You don't really need the GPS module to transmit the APRS beacon locations as your current location can be set manually. But you need the GPS module if you want to track your movement.

After struggling with my Yaesu VX-8DR APRS setting, I find out that I need to turn off the save TX and save RX to get it through. Also don't forget to used B band only while transmitting and in a VFO mode only.
After my APRS beacon being pickup by another near stations, I notice that my APRS message could not going through. Then I realise that I have to change my callsign SSID prefix to some number after my callsign e.g '9W2CEH-3'.
After change this, I got a verified message by APRS at

Because of DIGIPEATER is too far away from my QTH while using a simplex at 144.390 Mhz, I decide to used my RIG (Yaesu FT-8900R) to help me transmit my APRS beacon by using the crossband repeater functions. And this time, I could get another 6 APRS station.

Sending an APRS message is a new thing that I learn.. but awaiting for the APRS message to retreive also make me frust. This is due to the station that I contact did not responds to my APRS message, therefor.. using a XASTIR on my Linux workstations, I sent an APRS message to myself.. whoalaaa... my VX-8DR can retreived the message...

Soo... let's play with APRS...
Awaiting for your APRS message to appear in my VX-8DR..
Please sent it to 9W2CEH-9

GPS on current locations

Receive the APRS message on my VX-8DR (see the RX)

RX & TX APRS messages

TX APRS message to 9W2KEY-9 (see the TX)

APRS near stations list

Yaesu VX-8DR - MH-74A7A - FGPS-2

The APRS setting on my VX-8DR :-

1. off
2. APY008
3. Mic-E on, Position on, Weather on
4. 1200 bps
5. 4 sec, 4 sec, 4 sec
6. Any Message
7. on
8. on
9. on
10. MM.MM', mile, mph
11. 300ms
12. 15min
14. auto
15. Wide1-1, Wide2-1
16. WGS-84
17. auto
18. .MMM, mph, ft
19. G1 ALL******
20. 9W2CEH-3
21. GPS
22. [ /[ ] human/person
23. Committed / Or in Service
24. TYPE1, 2mph, 70mph
25. UTC + 8.00